Track Customer Reviews

Customer reviews have a profound impact on customer’s shopping behavior and brand loyalty. It is essential for brands to track this customer feedback continuously and to act on it in a customer centric way.

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Track customer reviews

"The SiteLucent tooling is extremely efficient and effective in identifying portfolio with low numbers of reviews or low review scores”.

Yuri Ponjee - Key Account Manager at Signify

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Track products with zero or negative reviews

Review campaigns for a targeted set of products with (for example) less than 10 reviews, an average review rating below 4, or a combination of both, are more effective than a random campaign.

SiteLucent can help you to pinpoint your products with for instance zero or negative reviews on all channels and zoom in on specific products SKU’s to run a campaign or to read the review texts.

  • Use charts to overview the distribution of reviews of your products on all channels
  • Filter and zoom in on products with 0 or negative reviews
  • Get an overview of the actual review texts on a product detail page.
Monitor customer feedback

The most important ratings & reviews

In general, shoppers rely more heavily on reviews when looking for specific products. But what product types affect the riskiness of a purchase the most, and therefor make ratings and reviews even more important?

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eCommerce Customer feedback


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