Track your brands' online reviews

Across all eCommerce channels

  • Collect rating averages and the number of reviews for each product. 
  • Zoom in on products with little reviews and negative feedback.
  • Export all review texts of your brand at once.
  • Learn from what customers are saying about your products and respond.


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"SiteLucent quickly identifies new reviews, negative reviews, and products that do not show enough reviews”.

Yuri Ponjee - Key Account Manager at Signify

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All reviews in one place!

Save yourself the time of checking every product page one by one! Get daily-updated views of all customer feedback in one place.

Check review and rating averages for each (set of) product(s), brand, and e-retailer.


Product page content

Reviews are an essential part of product content pages and provide fresh and unique content for search engines. The more reviews, the more shoppers can find your brands' products online. Better findability leads to more page traffic!

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Identify underperforming products

Online shoppers trust opinions from other consumers most.

Focus on products that aren’t performing as well as they should. Zoom in on products with little and negative reviews. The red dots in the chart show the underperforming ones. 

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Learn from valuable input

Learn from reviews. It is valuable input for product development. Align product and marketing content, with the language used by consumers.

Respond to (negative) reviews 

A simple ‘thank you’ makes customers feel heard and shows commitment. Promise improvement and come with an allowance for dissatisfied customers and negative reviews.

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