Collect and Analyse Product Ratings & Reviews

Tracking Customer Ratings & Reviews helps you identify issues with your products and product content and gives you keyword ideas- in the customer's language, which improves the findability of your products.

Track customer reviews


Why SiteLucent for Customer Review Tracking?

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All reviews in one place

Monitor and Analyse all Customer Ratings & Reviews from one central place

review distribution chart

Find Outliers in Review Performance

Rating & Review distribution charts identify products with few and negative reviews

Verbatim reviews

Download Verbatim Reviews via API

Download all verbatim reviews and additional info on all eCommerce channels via our API

How to Analyse & Utilise Customer Reviews?


High-involvement Purchase Decisions

Map out more expensive and safety and health-related products with SiteLucents' product list, as shoppers desire more reviews when making high-involvement purchase decisions.


Focus on the Newest Reviews

Focus on the newest reviews - the latest reviews are often seen as most important for customers but also for search-, and buy box algorithms on marketplaces. 


Make your Products even Better

Analyse Reviews and align product development based on valuable customer feedback. This way, you can improve customer experience and lower return rates


Improve your Product Content

Analyse which keywords are used in reviews regularly. Then, use this 'language used by consumers' as input for product content. This tactic can improve search rankings.

Track eCommerce reviews

"SiteLucent's Ratings & Reviews dashboard is extremely efficient and effective in identifying portfolios with low numbers of reviews or even low review scores."

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Need clarification?

Can I get a free demo of SiteLucent's Ratings & Reviews dashboard?

Yes, request a free demo session here. After your demo, you will be assigned a dedicated point of contact for all of your SiteLucent-related questions.

What is the 'full review module'?

The total customer reviews module is optional and can be 'switched on' per retailer at an additional 50 EUR per month/per webshop.

Compared to the 'regular' review information, you will receive from all reviews found on a Product Detail Page:

  • The score, title, and verbatim text.
  • Possible images and videos that are part of the review.
  • The positive and negative points.
  • If the author recommends the product.
  • In which country the review is written.
  • The date of the review.
  • The nickname of the author.

Are ratings & reviews part of SiteLucent's content quality scorecards?

Yes. By default, review star ratings and the number of reviews are part of SiteLucent's Digital Content Completeness (DCC) score. Read more about it here.

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