From big eCommerce data to useful insights

The rapid growth of data raises two questions for eCommerce professionals:

  • Where do I begin?
  • How can I extract insights from eCommerce data?

Your SiteLucent InSight team will help you uncover the answers!

eCommerce data

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How do we support you?

eCommerce data is created in high volume, speed, and variety every day. We help you use eCommerce data and visuals to craft a meaningful narrative about what your data infers and how you can use that insight to address your business challenge.

From data to visuals and narrative
  • Business Challenge

  • Analysis & Visuals

  • Narrative & Insights

eCommerce KPIs

We establish a baseline for KPIs related to the topic in question

We will help you uncover opportunities by answering questions such as:

  • What are my brands' current buy-box shares, in-stock rates, rating & review distribution, content quality, and search rankings?
  • How can I use automation and generate reports to understand progress and opportunities better?
  • How can I create custom dashboards dedicated to reaching my goals?
eCommerce growth

What do we need to guide your brands to faster eCommerce growth?

Depending on your business challenge, we use data, analytical techniques, and tools such as:

  • Data Types: Digital shelf data, benchmark, clickstream data, conversion & return data
  • Sources & tools: Data visualization tools, retailer data platforms
  • Techniques: Web scraping, data visualization, descriptive and diagnostic analysis
SiteLucent InSight Data Report

We guide you through the process of:

  • Using all available data to uncover relevant relationships and actionable insights for growth
  • Creating regular reports for operational teams on the SKU level to keep you progressing toward your goals
  • Improving product experiences to increase sales across all retailers, marketplaces, and your brand's webshop

Why choose SiteLucent for digital shelf analytics?

flexible eCommerce Monitoring software


From custom content scorecards and dashboards to personalized support, flexibility is paramount to our software and people.

eCommerce alerts

Automated alerts & reports

Switch from guesswork and manual eCommerce operations to automated data reports and alerts.

eCommerce Data Freshness

Data freshness

We refresh your data between 1 and 8 times a day, depending on your challenges and goals.

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Request your desired retailers

We track local and global brands and shops. We open our platform to all companies, large and small.

Analytics & Support

One-on-one Support

Get hands-on help, advice, onboarding, and team training. New or obsolete products? We help you keep your product assortment lists up to date.

Dashboards & Widgets


The rapid growth of data raises questions: 'Where do I begin? How can I extract insights from data?'. Our InSight team will help you uncover the answers.

"The SiteLucent InSight team can help you reveal trends and potential relationships between various eCommerce and digital shelf data. It's our goal to answer relevant questions for eCommerce growth.


What are your eCommerce analytics challenges? 

Do you have eCommerce challenges, but you don't know where to begin or how to extract insights from your data? Your SiteLucent InSight team will help you uncover the answers!

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