Perfect Content to Boost Sales in the Online DIY Market

Which gaps and inconsistencies in content can we spot on NL retailers?

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Strong Product Page Content is what will spur Online Growth for DIY Tools & Home Improvement Brands

In 2020 Dutch online purchases in the DIY & Home Improvement sector increased by more than 80%.

It's a challenge giving online shoppers that product experience as used to in the DIY/hardware store. Consumers are often not so sure about their purchases, and support and expertise is needed.

Correct and complete product content that represents an online consulting service, ready to provide the guidance and support that shoppers are looking for, is what will spur online growth for Tools & Home Improvement brands.

For this report, SiteLucent analyzed several content criteria on +12.000 product detail pages, in April 2021. We looked at product content on,, Gamma, and 3 other leading online retail sites in the Netherlands across the popular Tools & Home Improvement categories.

Find out which gaps and inconsistencies in the content we spotted on NL retailers.

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