Case Consumer Electronics: SONY

How SiteLucent saves Sony's eCommerce team 8h/week

Sony's eCommerce team responsible for the Dutch and Belgium market does not settle for half work. They want their products to look the part on the digital shelf at online reseller sites.

To comply with the Sony brand content guidelines on all channels, SiteLucent lends them a hand, resulting in a saving of 8 hours per week for the team!

Sony's eCommerce team saves time

Introducing new products online

"Launching new products on the digital shelf is exciting but challenging, especially, as in our case, at multiple Dutch and Belgium online retailers".

Sony Ernstjan

Ernstjan Smeding

Channel Marketing Specialist at Sony

The challenge

Once new products are distributed to resellers, Ernstjan and his team want to know whether:

  • Announced release dates are respected;
  • The presentation of products complies with the guidelines;
  • Products are showing up in (top) search and category result pages;
  • Buyers are writing reviews about the new products and what they are talking about.

Before using SiteLucent

Up to 2021, Ernstjan and his team checked the above points manually. As you can probably imagine, monitoring product copy, hundreds of images and videos, stock availability, and ratings & reviews on multiple retailers is time-consuming, and you can easily overlook flaws and inconsistencies.

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See SiteLucent in action

Curious to find out how we can help your brand with its challenges? Watch our 5-minute product demo video with a tool specialist covering SiteLucents' pricing, content, reviews, and availability dashboards.

Content quality scorecards

The SiteLucent Approach

Customer success manager Mike has converted Sony's most ideal content scenario into criteria with which SiteLucent compares the content on product pages daily.

Sony's product page criteria include:

  • The presence of predefined keywords in product titles, including the correct brand name and primary features;
  • The presence of predefined keywords in product descriptions, including product types, correct product dimensions, and colors;
  • The presence of at least 4 product images and 1 video.

The outcome is the Digital Content Completeness (DCC) score, which helps Ernstjan and his team identify gaps and inconsistencies and continuously optimize product content.

Sony DCC score

The image above displays the improvement of the DCC score (per retailer) for Sony TVs and Audio products in February 2022 compared to October 2021.

Implementing Sony's branded content standards in SiteLucent was a technical matter. Luckily we had Mike, our Success Manager. He thought along with our challenges, answered our questions, and made the onboarding process a success. I appreciate the flexibility of both the SiteLucent software and the team!

Sony track customer reviews

By tracking product reviews with SiteLucent, Sony identified an issue with a new product and solved it by adding a 'How To' video. 

Tracking customer reviews

Optimized content through reviews

In February 2022, Sony introduced new earphones — the LinkBuds. By tracking product reviews with SiteLucent, Ernstjan and his team quickly identified an issue as customers struggled to figure out how to place the LinkBuds in their ears.

The team took immediate action and advised retailers to upload a how-to video on the earphones' product detail pages to inform shoppers better. The video explains how to wear the LinkBuds correctly.

Image overview dashboard

Hitting two targets with one... image

When Sony has the opportunity to promote two of its products in one image, they want to use it! To promote Sony's newest PlayStation 5, released in November 2021, they added the Playstation 5 logo to the screenshots of Sony TVs to show which TVs are perfect for the PS5.

All product images in one overview

SiteLucent's image overview is a time-saving tool to implement such an image change across all retailer sites. Dashboards immediately show which retailers have updated the new image variant and which have not yet.

Sony image overview
Sony's eCommerce team saves time
The result

Everyone in the channel benefits

"At first, not all of our channel partners appreciated the meddling — Working with SiteLucent, and the resultant recommendations towards optimizing product pages gave retailers extra work," says Ernstjan. 

"That's why we decided to engage retailers by showing how SiteLucent works, with success! Our channel partners also benefit from digital shelf data, and we work towards a common goal. Some retailers accessed a SiteLucent login to check content scores and assets themselves, increasing efficiency."

Ultimately, digital shelf optimization leads to more sales, which benefits everyone in the sales channel!

Using SiteLucent improves the presentation of our products on the digital shelf significantly and saves my 4 colleagues and me at least 2 hours a week. 4 x 2 hours makes our team save a full working day a week!