The 3 Biggest Pain Points For Brands Selling On Multiple Online Channels

Multi-channel brand

This ebook touches on growth strategies to overcome the 3 biggest pain points that we found brands have when selling on multiple online channels.

1. Multi-Channel Conflicts

We believe brands, wholesalers, and retailers should be partners, not competitors. When they work together, you can create happy and pleased customers, protect your brand image and value, and make (enough) money.

2. Lost Brand Control

When you come to the point that product content is published on multiple sales channels, you should never believe the job is done. But how do you keep control?

To avoid losing brand compliance you need to ensure that the message doesn't negate or stray from your brands' core standards, values, and visual identity.

3. Invisible and Unfindable

In eCommerce, products go missing all the time. More than 30% of products disappear or never show up on the digital shelves because they:

  • Are not listed
  • Run out of stock
  • Rank low in search results
  • Lose the buy button

The Big Pain Points