How it works

Our software continuously crawls eCommerce shop shelves, looking through the customer lens to capture anything a shopper can potentially see. 

digital shelf analytics

How does it work? Read it in the below 4 steps.

  • 1. Web crawlers

  • 2. Metrics

  • 3. Dashboards

  • 4. Optimise


Web crawlers collect information

Data crawling tools can have many purposes. SiteLucent crawlers collect data from eCommerce product detail pages. Every day, our software drops by worldwide webshops and marketplaces. Why? Because product detail pages are full of eCommerce touchpoints that are helpful to monitor for you as an eCommerce professional.

We collect data that can help you protect your brand from price wars, be brand-compliant on reseller sites, or be findable and available there where your brands' products should be.

The point is that it takes you hours to check thousands of eCommerce product pages manually. You sure have better things to do!

A product detail page is a web page on an eCommerce site. It presents a specific product. We usually find a product title, product images, videos, a product description, price, specifications, and reviews on a product detail page. SiteLucent gathers this info continuously, whereby opportunities for improvement get uncovered for eCommerce teams.


Digital shelf metrics are calculated

SiteLucent daily monitors millions of product pages all over the web. We scrape and organise all data - anything a shopper can potentially see. We daily calculate over 70 different metrics such as:


Dashboards visualise product page data points

Our software makes the daily crawled eCommerce data transparent and applicable through visualisations, calculations and reports. Digital Shelf Analytics is what you see in your dashboards and widgets. 

Widgets are small applications that visualise your data and thus make it easily understandable and applicable.

shopping experience

Improve the Shopping Experience and Drive Sales

A precondition for staying ahead of the competition is to offer the best possible presentation and visibility of products on all online shelves. Touch-point monitoring and analysis uncover insights for brands and opportunities to improve customers' experience on all sales channels.

One tool for all your digital shelf metrics

Price tracking

Price tracking

Track retailers, third-party sellers, and competitor prices with SiteLucent.

Retail search

Retail SEO

Monitor your brands' ranking positions for important keywords & category pages.

Content & Reviews

Product content

Use our Digital Content Completeness (DCC) score to identify underperforming products.

Stock availability

Stock availability

Don't miss out on sales opportunities by fixing out-of-stocks across multiple retailers.