Product Content Monitoring & Its Effect on Retail Search Performances

SiteLucent Talks Webinar Series - on demand
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Create impact with real data

Getting a position at the top of Retail Search Engine results is retailer-dependent and a game consisting of many factors, such as keyword-optimized text, the number of product images, and constant high in-stock rates.

How can you optimize your products for retail search engines on all channels? And how do you monitor the effects? Find it out in our webinar!

Our webinar will teach you:

  • How content scorecards can help you compare brand guidelines against published content on retailer sites. Bring product content to perfection step-by-step;
  • How to benchmark product descriptions, images, and videos against competitors;
  • How to track keywords and your brand (and competitor) Share-Of-Search;
  • How digital shelf data & analytics can help you save time and drive eCommerce sales.
Hosted By Rianne