Maximise Product Visibility

On the Laundry & Cleaning Appliances Digital Shelf

You can achieve higher organic search placements by optimising your products' content for relevant keywords, increasing word count and optimising descriptions & images. Brands that make an effort to maintain and optimise their SEO strategies receive the benefits when their pages are discoverable at the top!

Download the Product Visibility Report to learn more.

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The Product Visibility Report

For the Product Visibility Report, SiteLucent looked at the presentation and visibility of products in the Household Laundry & Cleaning appliances segment on online retailers and marketplaces in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. We reveal insights and best practices of leading brands in the segment using our Digital Shelf Data & Analytics.

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Download the Product Visibility Report to learn more.

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Monitor Brand Visibility

It is essential to categorise products precisely and measure the search performances of your brand on reseller websites.

Monitor brand visibility

eCommerce Search KPIs

Track your share of search % on page 1, the top 10 spots, and top 3 spots, both for relevant keywords and on category pages.

360 degrees - the complete picture

Get the complete picture

Content quality scorecards can show content gaps and inconsistencies to improve organic search placement.