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How Brands Prevent Losing the Buy Button?

Keeping a position in the Buy Box is an ongoing challenge. Third-party sellers can 'steal' your Buy Box position if they beat you in: Stock availability, Price, or Customer Satisfaction.

How can you prevent losing?

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Price Wars

5 Key Metrics that Amazon’s Buy Box Algorithm looks for


 Selling prices

Monitor selling prices

Out of stocks

Track product availability

Search ranking

on-site search

Product content

Optimize product page content

Review ratings

Collect ratings and reviews


Track key performance metrics daily

vink-oranje Monitor Prices

With higher performance metrics than your direct competitors, you can increase your price and maintain your share of the Buy Box. If your competitors have better metrics, you’ll need to lower your price to keep the same Buy Box share. 

vink-oranje Track Availability

There needs to be inventory of your listed item. Without stock, the Buy Box will simply rotate to another seller. 

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Monitor the 'Buy Box Coverage'

SiteLucent shows you daily:

vink-oranje The number of products for which sellers "own" the buy box. This we define as the buy box coverage. Or the share (%) of buy-boxes held by you as a seller or vendor.

vink-oranje Details of Third Party Sellers behind the button




Prevent your brand from losing visibility and customer satisfaction. 

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