Winning the Buy Box

On marketplaces

On marketplaces we find thousands of products with multiple sellers and 98% of all shoppers choose the provider behind the buy button (mostly without even noticing).

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SiteLucent daily monitors 'buy box coverage' for products on

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How can you win?

According to the giant marketplaces among us, the seller with the highest conversion should get the buy button. Use SiteLucent dashboards to monitor for how many products you are winning the buy box (or not).

But how do you increase your customer conversion and thus your chances of winning the buy button? Given the current times, it is likely that the importance of price will diminish over time and other factors, such as availability and delivery, will increase in importance.

Win the buy button

The 'buy box coverage'

SiteLucent shows you daily the number of products for which sellers "own" the buy box. This we define as the buy box coverage. Or the share (%) of buy-boxes held by you as a seller or vendor.

Zoom in to details of other third party sellers behind the button! 

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"One of the most important factors in making a purchase decision is still the price."

Wunderman Thompson's Future Shopping Report


Selling prices on marketplaces

One of the most important factors in making a purchase decision is still the price. In Wunderman Thompson's Future Shopping Report, 98% of online shoppers cite price as their key factor.

The Buy Box price is not always the lowest price. The winner is the offer that is considered ‘the best buying option’ for the consumer, not necessarily the cheapest. The optimal mix differs per product group.

SiteLucent gives you a daily-updated view of selling prices of all sellers on marketplaces!

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Availability and Delivery

Once we have ordered products online, we want it and we want it fast! According to Wunderman Thompson's Future Shopping Report, Dutch consumers expect to wait an average of 2.18 days before their order is delivered.

Delivery time is becoming more and more important in terms of winning the coveted purchase button!

SiteLucent monitors the availability of marketplace sellers daily, and tells you how many days products are out of stock.


"Monitor if your products win the buy box and who are other sellers on marketplaces"

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6 Tips to make your products more likely to win the buy button:


1. Avoid returns

Keep your return percentage as low as possible. Prevent many customer inquiries from being answered on the platform by providing clear and accurate product information.

2. Be available

Take care of fast delivery and avoid cancellations. Constantly monitor the availability of your products.

3. Lower prices

Often it is necessary to lower your price to win the buy button. Use software to monitor your prices.

4. Gain reviews

Get enough reviews with each product. A good number of reviews (min. 10) and a high rating (between 4.2 and 4.5) is important, especially for high-priced / luxury goods, new products and health and safety related products.

5. Optimize content

Monitor customer feedback and optimize your content based on this feedback. Make sure you can be found in the right categories!

6. Be visible

Unique content on every sales channel improves the findability of your products. If the findability increases, the turnover rate of your products will probably also increase, so you increase your chances of the buy button.

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