eCommerce assortment analysis

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Stop manually checking thousands of product pages. Get a daily-updated view on:

  • If your products are live on resellers websites
  • Who is selling your products on marketplaces


eCommerce assortment analysis


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Track product detail pages


Product Listings

Monitor product listings


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" SiteLucent showed us that on some DIY retailer websites, only 30% of the agreed portfolio was online! "

Stephanie Meijer
Digital Content & Campaign Manager at Coram
SiteLucent en Coram


Track product listings

Did you know that 20 to 40% of products, never show up on the online shelf?

SiteLucent shows you which products are listed (or not) and by who. Get the complete picture and answers to:

  • Which of my products is missing online?
  • Are resellers respecting the launch date of new products?
  • Are resellers selling obsolete products?
eCommerce Assortment analysis


Spot sellers and analyse competition on marketplaces

Get that complete picture of all sellers on marketplaces. Find out  who is winning the buy box and spot unauthorized sellers.

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Spot unauthorized sellers

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 Selling prices

eCommerce price monitoring

Out of stocks

eCommerce availability monitoring

Search ranking

eCommerce site search results

Product content

optimize eCommerce product pages

Product reviews

Track eCommerce customer reviews