eCommerce assortment monitoring

As a manufacturer or brand, you cannot manage the online retailer assortment of your resellers directly. That's why the SiteLucent matching algorithm identifies products and corresponding eCommerce product pages for you in order to:

  • Monitor and analyse the online presence of your brand
  • Monitor which part of your assortment is actually live on your reseller's websites
  • Identify and analyse (unauthorized) sellers on marketplaces like Amazon
  • Export the complete assortment of your distributors to CSV in just one click, having access to all the other information that has been collected (such as prices, availability and reviews)

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eCommerce assortment monitoring

"SiteLucent's metrics showed that on some DIY retailer websites, only 30% of the agreed portfolio was online! Thanks to the evidence-based data we can take the steering wheel to achieve 100% coverage!"

Stephanie Meijer - Digital Content & Campaign Manager at Coram
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Product Listing Completeness

Did you know that 20–40% of SKUs disappear or never show up on the online shelves? 

SiteLucent shows you which products are listed (or not listed) by a distributor / retailer / reseller online. With our dashboards you can, for instance, track the percentage of products that are covered by a retailer, within a customer-specified reference portfolio. We call this metric 'Product Listing Completeness'. 

Upload your own product lists and use SiteLucent dashboards to instantly get the complete picture you need! Get answers directly to questions like: 

  • Is my portfolio properly listed? And which products are missing?
  • Are my resellers selling an up-to-date assortment?
  • When introducing new products - Are resellers respecting the agreed-upon launch date?
  • Are resellers still selling discontinuous / obsolete products?

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Monitor brand precence

Spot (unauthorized) sellers and analyse competition on marketplaces

Get an instant overview of all sellers on marketplaces:

  • Who won (or lost) the buy box? - under what conditions?
  • Who is selling your products at a discount?
  • Are there any unauthorized sellers? - those who sell products without your permission?

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Monitor eCommerce sellers

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