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How Joolz Elucidates the Online Baby Stroller Segment

Joolz focuses on improving its digital shelf presence. SiteLucents' tooling helps improve product pages on retailer sites by elucidating the whole picture.

Before using SiteLucent, Joolz had a traditional relationship with their retailers: sales and marketing directly contacted buyers. They had no focus on online retail search, and it was difficult to check all their product content.

To focus more on how they can best present their products on eCommerce platforms and retailers, they developed the so-called eTail program. SiteLucent allows Joolz to manage and track their products at their retailers, and improve their online presence.

Joolz uses SiteLucent for three focus areas:

  • Product Content & Visibility;
  • Product Listing;
  • Product Positioning.

Click on the image below to read the entire case study.

Case Study Joolz


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