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Perfect Content To Boost Your Holiday Sales

Stand out during the most active season of the year with powerful product content on all sales channels. Download our report about 11.354 product pages.

Which gaps and inconsistencies in content can we spot on NL retailers while Holiday sales are in full swing? 

Holiday shoppers who are looking to give their loved ones a joyful end to a tough year, look for a connection, and want to trust your brand before buying your product. Product content has the power to connect shoppers with your brand, and reviews from other consumers are trusted by online shoppers above anything else.

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To stand out during the most active season of the year and convert holiday visitors into customers, you need to show content that catches your visitor's attention and trigger their emotions, but above all, show content that is complete and correct. Product content is an essential piece of information needed by consumers to be able to make a purchasing decision. 

The report 

SiteLucent analyzed several content criteria on 11.354 product pages, just before Black Friday 2020. We looked at content and reviews on Amazon NL,, Coolblue and 5 other leading online retail sites in the Netherlands across the popular Home Goods and Kitchen Electronics categories.

Perfect content reviews

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