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Buy Box

How Brands Prevent Losing the Buy Box

Each variable that affects the Buy Box-win is connected, influences the success of your product and brand, and thus the winner of the coveted buy...

Product Returns

6 Tips to Prevent eCommerce Returns

Product return reduction has a significant result on your brands' profitability. Let's look at 6 tips that you can apply to prevent eCommerce returns.

eCommerce Product Content

Perfect Content To Boost Your Holiday Sales

Stand out during the most active season of the year with powerful product content on all sales channels. Download our report about 11.354 product...

eCommerce Product Content

9 Tips to Build a Product Description that Sells

Catch shoppers' attention with product descriptions that trigger emotions. Convince them why it's worth clicking that coveted buy button! Read our 9...

Product Returns

How to Manage eCommerce Returns?

Manage eCommerce returns while return volumes increase. What to do with returned products? A clear return Policy is needed for a good Customer...

Stock Availability

Online out-of-stock during the Corona pandemic

Online out-of-stock during Corona pandemic. Distribution channels are under pressure. Use our eCommerce monitoring software to get competitive...

Channel Conflicts

Channel Conflicts, or Opportunities?

Leveraging various sales channels to spread your brand increases the likelihood of channel conflicts. Read 3 Ways to make Channel Conflicts Less...


SiteLucent's 2 year-anniversary

SiteLucent 2-year anniversary is a time to look back and see what we achieved in these 2 years. We are proudly making eCommerce data fully...

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