SiteLucent's 2 year-anniversary

SiteLucent 2-year anniversary is a time to look back and see what we achieved in these 2 years. We are proudly making eCommerce data fully transparant with our eCommerce monitoring software.


For already 2 years, SiteLucent is proudly making eCommerce experiences fully transparent for trade marketing and eCommerce teams! 

SiteLucent 2 Year Anniversary


Ivo Mesters, CEO of SiteLucent: “I am very proud of what we’ve achieved in these 2 years and thankful to all the people that have helped us make this possible. With our growing team of very passionate and driven people I’m confident and excited about the next 2 years and the great things we can make possible for and with our customers and partners!”


In the last 2 years:

  • We welcomed a lot of new happy customers, in our starting market segment of consumer electronics and other segments like DIY and FMCG;

  • We grew from a 2-person team to a team of 6;

  • We became a key technology vendor in the ‘Commerce & Sales’ category, as mentioned in the July 2019 Dutch Marketing Technology Landscape of Martechtribe;

  • We partnered up with several exciting companies and specialists;

  • We had a successful angel investment campaign to facilitate our growth ambitions;

  • We moved to our new offices in Eindhoven;

  • We launched a brand new and improved website;

  • We’re proud to be still on zero churn! All of our customers stayed with us at the end of their license period 😊!


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