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Product detail pages (PDPs) account for a quarter of all eCommerce landing pages. This means your product pages are increasingly becoming the first touchpoint shoppers have with your brand. Track and improve the completeness of your product content on all eCommerce webshops.

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Tweak, measure, learn

Set your products' content criteria and take the steering wheel

  • The preset Digital Content Completeness (DCC) Score will give you an upfront overview of the average content completeness of specific product sets you're interested in;
  • Zoom in on the DCC score per product and analyze gaps in rich, basic and minimal content types;
  • Adjust the rich, basic and minimal content criteria you want to apply and check if your content optimization actions result in higher scores over time.
  • Tables can be used as action lists to easily filter all products that do not meet all (i.e.minimal) content criteria just yet, and to directly see what content is missing.
  • Download and share these lists within your organization for follow
    up and monitor results.

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Reference: Signify

"The customizable dashboards and downloadable reports made the data easily understandable and actionable. Insights on content completeness and product availability aligned our marketing and sales departments to focus on the complete product portfolio and not just the newly introduced products."

Interested in how Signify Benelux adjusted minimal content criteria and improved content completeness on
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