The Cookware Company takes their Marketplace Strategy to a next level

The Cookware Company switched from manual tasks to dashboards and automated data reports. Read how they took their Marketplace Strategy to the next level!

Cookware manufacturer, The Cookware Company wants to grow online and take the digital experience on marketplaces for the various brands to a higher level. Together with SiteLucent, The Cookware Company has switched from manual operations to dashboards and automated data reports in recent months. Hien Huynh, Marketplace Manager at The Cookware Company, shares his experiences in this article.

Marketplace strategy cookware company

The Buy Box on Marketplaces

SiteLucents' dashboards show me if other sellers beat us in availability, price, or reviews. With this info, I know which strings I can pull to win the buy-box back. For instance, I succeeded in winning back the buy-box by initiating a review campaign to increase the number of reviews for a product, and for other products, I had to lower the price.

"I benefit tremendously from the Marketplace dashboard in the tool, mainly because I have a daily-updated overview of who owns the buy-box."
Cookware Company Hien Huynh, Marketplace Manager at The Cookware Company

marketplaces buy box strategy

Product Content on marketplaces

Hien Huynh: "The Digital Content Completeness (DCC) score is a content score that compares content criteria (customized by our teams) against published content on marketplaces. The insights we get from this more standardized approach are highly beneficial.

Detailed data sheets provide areas for improvement for our brands on the digital shelf, such as missing keywords, obsolete images, low review scores, or incorrect information in product titles.

A large amount of detailed information (we could never have collected manually) helps us take targeted actions and take product experiences and our marketplace strategy to the next level."

Product Images

"Product image overviews of the hero image and secondary images of each listed product, let our content marketers discover missing or incorrect images at a glance. For instance, when they spot a wrong hero image published on, they can contact the marketplace to take immediate action.

marketplaces product images

Automated Reports by e-mail

Hien Huyn: "The most useful of working with SiteLucent for me is the overview I receive in my inbox every morning, with all the marketplaces seller and price information I need such as:

  • Sold By
  • Other Sellers (Y/N)
  • Selling Price
  • Discount (absolute)
  • In Stock (Y/N)
  • Delivery Time Text
  • Delivered By

SiteLucent dashboards are very user-friendly. An easy to use tool that saves valuable time and allows me to be a 'lazy' marketeer!

Cookware CompanyHien Huynh, Marketplace Manager at The Cookware Company

Another report focuses on the Digital Content Completeness (DCC) score and is sent to the content marketing team. In addition, alerts notify the right people of sudden price drops, box-box losses, stockouts, or a lack of content compliance on one of the marketplaces.

SiteLucent dashboards are very user-friendly. It's an easy-to-use tool that saves valuable time and allows me to be a 'lazy' marketeer!"

Marketplace strategy cookware company

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