Monitor if your products are visible online 

Be present everywhere, without checking product pages one by one. 

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Track if products are listed and available, there where they should be.

A product that can’t be found online will not sell. Get the complete picture, and find out:

checkbox Which products are missing or out-of-stock online?

checkbox Who is selling your products (without permission) on websites such as Amazon and

checkbox If resellers are respecting the launch date of new products.

eCommerce product visibility

Thanks to SiteLucent, we discovered reseller web shops with only 30 percent of the total portfolio listed.

Stephanie Meijer - Digital Content & Campaign Manager 


Spot (unauthorized) 3P sellers

SiteLucent can help you spot sellers who buy your products and resell them without your permission on marketplaces such as Amazon and You can request corrective action—or in some cases, even turn unauthorized sellers into authorized ones.


Own the Buy box

checkbox SiteLucent daily shows you the number of products for which sellers "own" the buy box.

checkbox We define this metric as the buy box coverage. Or the share (%) of buy-boxes held by you as a seller or vendor.

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Win buy box

Take Control of your Products' Visibility Online.

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