Case study: Coram's digital transformation with SiteLucent

Posted by Rianne Konings on May 6, 2020 12:07:02 PM
Rianne Konings

Coram is in a digital transformation process and uses SiteLucent to make data-driven choices within their eCommerce growth ambitions. The Coram group designs, creates and sells products under multiple brands, mainly in the field of bathroom and toilet. 

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An important step in Coram's digital transformation process so far, was implementing a PIM system into the company's data management workflow.

Peter Vogel, Digital Business Director at Coram:

Online Shelf monitoring uncoveredus insights that we previously did not have. Making the customer experience transparent across our various sales channels means that we can make data-driven choices in our eCommerce growth ambitions.

To successfully use the PIM system, it is important to take control of all product content on the online shelves of resellers. 

Important questions for Coram were:
  • How can we make sure that the correct product information is presented at the digital touchpoints used by online shoppers?
  • How to continuously take the steering wheel in product presence and presentation on all online channels?

SiteLucent helped Coram to answer their questions and uncover powerful insights. 

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