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Gain a Competitive Edge with daily eCommerce Analytics

Gain a competitive edge by bringing eCommerce datasets together, translating data into insights, and getting high levels of customization with SiteLucent.

Standing out from the crowd means that your online product information is complete and accurate, and product copy is descriptive and convincing on a large scale — on all your eCommerce channels. A process to constantly monitor product presence, information, and visibility is needed to gain that competitive edge and keep up with the rate of change on the digital shelf. 

The rate of change on the digital shelf

If you offer products online on multiple sales channels, you also have to deal with that speed of change on the digital shelf.

Think of a sudden price drop, a bad review, a product that sells out or 'falls off' page 1 of retailer search results. You might also ask yourself: are my products visible and listed online where expected, and by whom are they sold?

Monitoring 1P and 3P resellers and competitors allow you to know your share on the digital shelf and make the right improvements to win more visibility and traffic for your brands and products. 

Information that can make all the difference

Information such as product search rankings, content completeness, competitor pricing insights, stock levels, and online reviews gathered in one central place can make all the difference in gaining that competitive edge!
Metrics for a competitive edge
eCommerce analytics includes monitoring and visualizing such information to uncover actionable insights for eCommerce growth. It helps you eliminate the guesswork and manual work and lets you get a grip on your digital shelf.


Gain a Competitive Edge with SiteLucent

SiteLucent daily scrapes and collects information from millions of worldwide eCommerce product pages. A product page contains, on average, dozens of data points. These are mainly things that you and I can also see, such as titles, images, reviews, and prices.

In turn, SiteLucent can specify those data points into hundreds of different statistics about how your products perform on the digital shelf. Additionally, you can combine clickstream data sets containing sales, traffic, and behavioral eCommerce data. 

Why should you choose for SiteLucent to gain a competitive edge with daily eCommerce analytics?


Get the worldwide retailer coverage that suits your business

SiteLucent's vision is to make digital shelf insight available to everyone worldwide.

That's why, besides the hundreds of big (and small) eCommerce channels such as Amazon and Walmart, you can add any local retailer to the scope of your SiteLucent monitoring with no hassle at competitive prices— one of the main reasons why local market teams use SiteLucent instead of competitors acquired by the Global head office.

Frequently, specific market teams use SiteLucent as an add-on to globally acquired software to be able to include many more local webshops in the monitoring scope on shorter notice.

SiteLucent tracks local and global brands, retailer sites, and marketplaces in the below-shown countries and opens the platform to all companies, large and small!

Worldwide Retailer Coverage


Most brand manufacturers distribute products in different markets, which requires different strategies, targets, etc. SiteLucent can advise you, based on experiences and best practices with brand manufacturers such as Samsung, Vemedia, and Philips, to take on this challenge.

If there are specific web shops you would like to monitor, send a message with your request here. A SiteLucent specialist will let you know the possibilities within 24 hours on business days. 


Personal Support & Dashboards Designed for your Challenges

When you start using SiteLucent, we do not throw you in the deep by telling you, "Here are the logins, and you figure it out yourself!".

Your SiteLucent team supports you in fully implementing digital shelf software in your organization, including onboarding (for 2 to 3 months), training your teams, and offering hands-on support.

Support, onboarding and implementation

New or obsolete products? We help you keep your product assortment lists up to date. 

Being a cloud-based and flexible start-up, SiteLucent can offer tailor-made solutions where needed. Recently implemented features requested by users are high-frequency data collection, image classification A.I., image similarity A.I., banner tracking options, workflow management, and monitoring Google Shopping and other price comparison sites.

Flexibility is paramount to our software and people, from custom content scorecards and dashboards to personalized support and software development!

Are you missing or looking for a specific feature or functionality in our software? Discuss it with your dedicated customer success manager, or contact us!


Fresh Data and Automated Alerts & Reports

You could gather information on product detail pages by surfing the internet and visiting your resellers' webshops.

However, collecting and reporting all this information by hand is a very time-consuming job! In addition, given that you have to do it regularly to spot trends and developments over time, it might as well be unfeasible!

Depending on your challenges and goals, SiteLucent refreshes your data between 1 and 8 times daily.

Do you then wonder how to easily share this information with team members, other disciplines, and resellers to engage them in a common goal?

SiteLucent has the answer: By switching from guesswork and manual eCommerce operations to automated data reports and alerts

digital shelf alerts


 Focus on Context and Insights

eCommerce data is created in high volume, speed, and variety daily. The rapid growth of data raises questions: 'Where do I begin? How can I extract insights from data?'.

The SiteLucent InSight team will help you uncover the answers by combining datasets and using eCommerce data and visuals to craft a meaningful narrative about what your data infers. This way, you can use insights to address your business challenge and gain a competitive edge!


 Pay only for what you need, and grow at your own pace

Part of SiteLucent's strategy is being open and transparent, also about pricing.

Prices are based on the number of webshops and SKUs you monitor with the software. When you increase the number of webshops, volume discounts are applied. This way, you can grow at your own pace. 

SiteLucent applies a modular pricing model — a competitive base price including the main digital shelf KPIs and the possibility to add extra features or specific digital shelf KPIs per webshop, country, or market.

Did it make you curious? Calculate your estimated price here.

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