Monitor the quality of your product content on retailer sites

When you come to the point that product content is published on multiple sales channels. Do you then believe the job is done? It is not!
Monitor the quality of content to avoid wrong data to be published. Imagine you could set your products' content criteria and take the steering wheel! That's exactly why SiteLucent created the DCC score and the tools to constantly measure it. In this article we answer the following questions:

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What is a digital content completeness (DCC) score?

If you start using SiteLucent, one of the terms you are bound to come across is the DCC score. The DCC Score is calculated by comparing the content found for the selected product(s) to the defined completeness criteria, and shows the percentage of criteria that are met. 

In short: The DCC score helps you to optimize product pages on retailer sites by identifying gaps and inconsistencies in content.

How is it calculated?

The DCC score is a weighted average of 3 components:

  • Minimal Content
  • Basic Content 
  • Extended Content

The 3 components' criteria are by default as follows:

online product content

basic product content

rich product content


Can I customize the DCC score? 

To meet my business goals.

Above we could see with which criteria/rules, the default DCC score is built up. We understand, of course, that this does not apply to every company, so we have made it possible to:

  • Adjust the name and weighting of the 3 components
  • Change the DCC criteria/rules
  • Add and delete DCC criteria/rules

To adjust the DCC score you navigate to Settings > DCC score

Here you can see the 3 components: Minimal Content, Basic content and Extended content: 


  1. Edit the name and weighting of the 3 content components:
    Click the pencil-icon of the content component you wish to adjust.

    Then adjust the name and weighting of the component and click the save-button:

  2. Edit existing DCC criteria/rules and weight

    Click in the middle of the content component you wish to adjust (not the pencil-icon). 


    Click the Rule/Criteria you wish to adjust:

    Then you can adjust the Short name, Long name, Weight, Field, and Condition of a rule/criteria. When you are ready, click the save-button.
  3. Add and delete DCC criteria/rules
    You can delete an existing rule by clicking the trash-bin icon right next to the weight of a rule. Click the save button.
    You can add a rule by clicking the "add rule"- button 

    For instance, I would like to add a rule to my minimal content criteria/rules. With this rule I want to measure if my product descriptions contain at least 300 words. I want to give it a 5% weight within the total minimal content component. 

    You can see in the image below how to do this. When ready, click the save-button.


Read more about DCC customization options in our Help Center article: How to use attributes in the DCC score


Where can I find the DCC score of my products?

To find content related data and insights, you can turn to the SiteLucent dashboard named  "Product Content Overview". This dashboard consists of the following widgets:

  • Bar chart: Content Completeness (DCC) score per retailer
  • Bar chart: % products meeting all minimal & basic content criteria per retailer
  • Line chart: Content Completeness (DCC) score per retailer over time
  • Line chart: % products meeting all minimal & basic content criteria per retailer over time

Product content quality

  • Data Table: Product content overview
  • Data Table: DCC score - Minimal Criteria Details 

Tables can be used as action lists to easily filter all products that do not meet all (i.e. minimal) content criteria just yet, and to directly see what content is missing;

Download and share these lists as a CSV file (when this feature is included in your plan) within your organization to follow up and monitor results.

Product details

In a widget it is possible to zoom in further on detail level. For this, you simply click on the center of a widget, and a screen with product details will pop-up.

On the left side of a ‘product detail screen’ we see a clickable ‘info-icon’ for each individual product. In case of a data table, you see the info-icon directly on the left side of each product. When you click on the info-icon, a screen will pop up. 

By clicking the content tab (see image below), the DCC score will be visible. Click on the score to zoom in to the criteria, see which criteria are met or not, and what the weight is for each criteria.

In case it is included in your plan, DCC criteria can be customized.

product detail page quality

Do you need help? 

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