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In the Home & Living market

In the Home & Living market, it's a challenge giving shoppers that online shopping experience as they are used to in the store. Especially for do-it-yourself purchases that shoppers are often not so sure about, and support is needed. It is a must to make your industry expertise visual online, by showing complete and correct content, images, instruction videos and reviews. SiteLucent eCommerce monitoring software can make this challenge easier. 


Monitor your DIY Home improvement products daily on websites such as:

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Correct and complete product content & presentation

As a brand or manufacturer in the Home & Living market, you cannot manage the online retailer assortment of your resellers directly, let alone its content and presentation. SiteLucent can help you get that competitive advantage on all shopping channels. Prevent a mismatch between shoppers' expectations and reality. Identify shortcomings in content such as missing images and videos and optimize product pages with keyword-rich descriptions.

Reduce return numbers by optimizing product pages, given that 22% of online returns are due to the product being substantially different in appearance than was advertised online.

To prevent returns, check if product dimensions, colors and other specifications are correct across all product detail pages. 

SiteLucent's Digital Content Completeness score makes it possible to simply set your criteria and take the steering wheel!


"With SiteLucent we can monitor if product series names, dimensions and colors are displayed correctly, across all online channels".

Stephanie Meijer - Digital Content & Campaign Manager at Coram

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Improve site search results

There are multiple types of do-it-yourself consumers searching online, varying from beginners to experts and everyone in between. What's important is that all these shoppers can find your products in reseller site-search results. 

In the Dutch Home & Living market, some of the highest search volume keywords in 2018 / 2019 were 'kapstokken' (coat hooks) and 'tuinmeubelen' (garden furniture)

Source: OAK Growth Report Home & Living

  • Use the SiteLucent keyword search module to find out if your products are in the top results for your important keywords, or how you score within your specific Home & Living product category at a resellers webpage.
  • Exactly find out which DIY or Home & Living brands are competing with you for the top positions on page 1 of the search results.

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"We use SiteLucent to achieve an optimal share of search by monitoring how often our products show up in search results".

Peter Vogel - Digital Business Director at Coram 

Track customer reviews

One of the ways to have a profound impact on customer’s shopping experience is to make sure your resellers show enough and qualitative customer reviews on product detail pages. 

Tracking consumers reviews allows a manufacturer to set up targeted review campaignsBrand manufacturer Signify (formerly Philips lighting) took this opportunity!

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"The SiteLucent tooling is extremely efficient and effective in identifying portfolio with low numbers of reviews or low review scores”.

Yuri Ponjee - Key Account Manager at Signify

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